Why SSL Certificate is Important Than You Think

Why SSL Certificate is Important Than You Think

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  • December 1, 2020
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importance of an SSL certifcate

With the evolution of internet, the solution for better defence of website increase, and so does the creativity of cyber criminals. For several years now, many organisations like Google have been working toward making the web a safer place by motivating website owners to use the HTTP protocol which ensures that your data is encrypted and securely transmitted.

What is an SSL certificate?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. These are digital certificates which are the foundation for powerful internet security. It protects the sensitive data. It can be done by establishing an encrypted connection between the individual computer and your website. These are very important in digital area. Getting an SSL certificate is much easier because there are initiatives that provide them for free and made their installation super simple.

Importance of SSL Certificate

6 Reasons why you need an SSL certificate for your website:

  1. Increasing site security: SSL certificate can protect the sensitive data transmitted from and to your website, they can be login details, signups, addresses, payments and personal details. SSL certificate will protect your visitor’s data from being misused by the attackers.
  2. Protect from Google warning: Google with its consent updates has made good with making the internet a safer place by naming and shaming unencrypted sites. Having SSL certificate in website will make the site HTTPS, which will save the harsh warnings from Google.
  3. Protect from phishing and other attacks: as the user base of using the internet increases there is an increase in the attacks such as phishing, MTM attacks. Securing the site from such attack is must. A simple way is to have an SSL certificate for your website. EV SSL certificate is the best for securing your website from such attacks.
  4. Safety for all your sub domains: A specific type of SSL certificate known as Wildcard SSL certificate will secure your main sites and all its sub domains. If you are a business owner or you maintain a large website with several sub domain then Wildcard SSL is the best.
  5. Credibility and trust for your customers: SSL certificate will help you to gain visitors trust. Your website will be displayed with the security padlock in the address bar. This will indicate that the connection is secure. If your website don’t have certificate then some browser may label it as “unsafe”.
  6. SEO advantages: Another benefit of having an SSL certificate installed is the SEO improvement in rankings that your site will get. Having an SSL certificate in your website will give you an advantage over your competitors who don’t have the SSL certificate.

Various types of SSL certificate available

    • EV SSL Certificate: extended validation (EV) certificate are the highest level of authentication, issued through a very though verification process. Such verification gives the customer confidence.
    • OV SSL Certificate: organisation validated (OV) SSL certificate, these certificate have astringent validation process. Certifying authority verify the business identity while issuing the OV SSL certificate. The same business certification can be available under certification information.
    • DV SSL Certificate: Domain Validates SSL certificate are the basic SSL certificate to secure your website. DV SSL certificate are the cheapest SSL certificates in the market. This certificate displays a green lock in the browser to indicate the authenticity of the website.
    • Multi-Domain SSL Certificate: multi domain SSL certificate used to secure multiple domains and sub domains with a single SSL certificate, they are cheap and can secure up to 99 additional domains.
    • Wildcard SSL Certificate: wildcard SSL certificate work in the same way to a regular single domain certificate. They have the advantage of securing all and any sub domains you may have in your network, they save money and admin time.

How do you obtain an SSL certificate?

Most common way to get an SSL certificate is to check if your current website hosting provider hosts any SSL certificate. All SSL versions were paid feature, now a day’s more and more company have started to release free version.

Many companies have managed to revolutionise website security by making it easy for everyone to have easy and secure connection to their website. Some of them recently released free wildcard SSL certificate. In some circumstances, it is better if you use paid certificate authority.

So the benefit of activating an SSL certificate for your business or personal website are remarkable. And the installation purposes now a day are easy and quick. So take the full advantage of HTTP revolution so that you can add extra layer of security to your website and also for your website visitors.


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