ECSA-EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA): Penetration Testing

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Certified Security Analyst

The certification program continues from where the CEH program is left off. This will help you to use suitable methodologies that are needed to conduct real penetration testing for an Enterprise Client. Various methodologies in different verticals are taught in this so as to simulate real-time scenarios. Some of the verticals are Database Pen test, Internal Pentest, External Pentest, Cloud Pen test.

ECSA equips you to use tools and techniques that you have studied in CEH(Certified Ethical Hacking) and intensifies your ability into Full exploitation technique By learning Globally Accepted Penetration testing Methodologies.

On Completion of ECSA Training, you will accomplish the following: –

  1. Introduction to Penetration Testing and Methodologies
  2. Penetration Testing Scoping and Engagement Methodology
  3. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) Methodology
  4. Social Engineering Penetration Testing Methodology
  5. Network Penetration Testing Methodology – External
  6. Network Penetration Testing Methodology -Internal
  7. Network Penetration Testing Methodology -Perimeter Devices
  8. Web Application Penetration Testing Methodology
  9. Database Penetration Testing Methodology
  10. Wireless Penetration Testing Methodology
  11. Cloud Penetration Testing Methodology
  12. Report Writing and Post Testing Actions


Exam Details

Exam titleEC-Council Certified Security Analyst v10
Number of Questions150
Test FormatMultiple choice
Duration of Exam4 hours
Passing Score70%
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