AWS Training in Kerala, Cochin

AWS training in Kerala Cochin

AWS Certification Syllabus


1. Introduction to cloud computing

What is cloud computing? Important and NIST attributes of cloud , cloud delivery and deployment models, benefits and risks of cloud computing


2. Introduction to AWS and foundational services

What is AWS? Why amazon? AWS terms and definitions getting started with AWS console, Quick overview of AWS products offering, database, analytics and app Services, overview of product offering


3. Amazon S3 and Glacier storage

S3 concepts, reliability and availability, Bucket and bucket restrictions, S3 pricing and use cases, architecting applications with S3, S3 events and notifications, versioning and life cycle policies in S3, Amazon glacier and its pricing data retrieval policies


4. Amazon elastic compute cloud (EC2) and elastic Block storage

Amazon EC2 essentials- instance types , AMIs, security group- configuration, elastic load balancer, monitoring EC2 with cloud watch, EBS volumes and snapshots


5. Identity and access management IAM

What is IAM? IAM essentials- users, groups and policies, IAM best practices for new accounts, sample policy.


6. Amazon virtual private cloud VPC

VPC basics and benefits of VPC , understanding the default VPC , VPC peering and limitations, VPC architecture and networking


7. Advanced VPC and route S3

Security groups, network ACL, VPN/VPG on VPC, open VPN instance, high availability with open VPN ,
Amazon guard duty


8. Amazon relational database services RDS

What is RDS? Instances, automatic fail over , RDS backups, read replicas, RDS cloud watch notifications


9. AWS management tools



10. Project 1

Participant can select project from predefined set of projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects.


11. Red shift and EMR 

12. Cloud front and SQS

13. Cloud formation and AWS CLI

What is cloud formation? Application- infrastructure management, Application- infrastructure replication, Application- control and track changes, Concepts- template, Sample templates, How does cloud formation works?, infrastructure as a code using cloud formation work flow, AWS CLI


14. Data security

Shared security responsibility model, compliance, DDOS mitigation  and encryption solutions, security best practices


15. Trouble shooting- part 1

EC2 trouble shooting scenarios

ELB trouble shooting scenarios


16. Trouble shooting -part  2

Auto scaling trouble shooting scenarios

VPC trouble shooting scenarios


17. Project 2

Participant can select project from predefined set of projects or they can come up with their own ideas for their projects.

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