Ethical Hacking Foundation Programme

Ethical Hacking Course In Kerala

Ethical Hacking Foundation Programme

This course is designed for those who wish to learn Ethical hacking progamme.

In Blue Shell We provide Advanced Level Ethical Hacking program we don’t just teach you how to use some tools.

So in order to understand it better we have created the Foundation Programme. This will help you to gain Deep Understanding on various Networking concepts, Linux and iOS platforms these skills are necessary for an ethical hacker. Blue shell security provides the best ethical hacking course in kochi.

Once you complete the foundation program you will be equipped with all the information that you need to understand ethical hacking

Any one who just knows how to use computers can learn this course and then ethical hacking.

  • Domain 1: Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Domain 2: Network Topologies
  • Domain 3: Transmission Media
  • Domain 4: Local Area Network
  • Domain 5: Network Protocols
  • Domain 6: IP Addressing
  • Domain 7: Internet working Devices
  • Domain 8: Wireless Networking
  • Domain 9: Network servers
  • Domain 10: WAN Technologies
  • Domain 11: Client-Server System & Remote Connectivity
  • Domain 12: Network Security & Protocols
  • Domain 13:Network Installation
  • Domain 14: Network Troubleshooting
  • Domain 15:Linux Fundamentals
  • Domain 16:Virtualization Fundamentals
  • Domain 17:OS Installation and Trouble shooting.
  • Domain 18:Windows Administration


Exam Details

Type of Exam70% Theory an 30 Percent Practical.
Duration of Exam30 Hours
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