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Our PHP course is help full for beginners as it covers the basics of PHP programming practices. We offer detailed sessions with individual care for each candidate.If you have a basic knowledge in PHP we assure you that you can master the language in no time. Get the best understanding of PHP from Blueshell, the best PHP Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala. The training is provided by the experts in Web Application Development.

PHP Training Institute in Kochi, Kerala

Blueshell is the best PHP training in Kochi offers classes which cover full-stack PHP program, whoever has the interest in PHP coding can contact Blueshell Tech and we will mold you into professionals.

We covert the students creativity in web development, we help them to create their dream project in PHP programming. We provide live projects and assist in every stage from the base, from HTML coding to the coding platform.

PHP is a fast, secure, and reliable web development program. It is very convenient for lots of people. PHP is mainly used to create Co-operate websites, e-commerce sites, blogs etc. it is a very easy language to learn and implement. PHP is known for its dynamic web page creation.

PHP language is open source and its free to use and constantly upgrading. It runs on all operating systems (cross-platform). Compare to other languages the PHP is simple to learn, handle, and implement. Build-in libraries make the programming simpler.

PHP programming supports good security to the site developed. It protects the site from viruses and threats.

PHP helps in easy integration with company software. Its flexibility provides a user-friendly effect. Due to which many companies prefer PHP web development. Which increases its scope and placement in the company.

PHP Training Syllabus

The main aim of Blueshell is to mold our students into professionals with high skills set where they stand out in the crowd. The courseware is designed such as every module covers the knowledge in depth.


The basic knowledge needed, to be a full-stack developer is as follows. Blueshell covers each portion which is needed to handle a real-time project :

Course duration: 3 months (120 Hours)

Section 1: PHP tutorial

Website basics
1. Project hosting in Internet
2. How to register a domain name in internet
3. How to use cPanel up upload your PHP Project to the

Introduction to PHP
1. PHP web architecture and PHP overview
2. PHP Installation
a) WAMP optionally XAMPP
3. First PHP program
4. HTML and CSS basics
5. Comments and PHP manual usage
6. PHP Echo, Print, Echo vs Print

Variable, Constant & Data types

1. Variables
2. Rules for declaring PHP variables
3. PHP Variable Scope
a) Local variable
b) Global variable, Using $GLOBALS instead of global
c) Static variable
4. PHP $ and $$ Variables
5. PHP Constants, const keyword, Constant() function
6. Variables vs Constants
7. Magic constants
8. Data types and type juggling
9. Integers
10. Float
11. String
12. Boolean
13. String functions
Sample programs

Operators & Control Structures
1. Arithmetic Operators
2. Assignment Operators
3. Bitwise Operators
4. Comparison Operators
5. Incrementing/Decrementing Operators
6. Logical Operators
7. String Operators
8. Array Operators
9. Type Operators
10. Execution Operators
11. Error Control Operators
12. Conditional statements – If
13. Conditional statements – Else, Else..If
14. Control structure – Switch

Sample programs

Looping Statements
1. Looping statements – While
2. Looping statements – Do While
3. Looping statements – For
4. Looping statements – for each
5. Control structure – Break
6. Control structure – Continue

Sample programs

Arrays and Foreach Loop
1. Indexed arrays
2. Printing an Indexed array
3. Associated arrays
4. Looping statement – Foreach
5. Multidimensional arrays

Sample programs

1. Functions – Introduction
a) PHP Parametrised Function
b) PHP Call By Value
c) PHP Call By Reference
d) PHP Default Argument Values Function
e) PHP Recursive Function
2. Functions with arguments
3. Usage of return keyword
4. Scope of variables
5. Default arguments in functions


PHP Strings and Math
1. PHP string
2. PHP string functions
3. PHP math functions

HTML Forms with PHP
1. Forms introduction
2. Using GET method
3. Using POST method
4. Using $_REQUEST super global
5. Form validation
Sample programs

PHP Include
1. Include and Require
2. Include_once, require_once

File handling
1. File handling
2. Open file
3. Read file
4. Writing data to a file
5. Append
6. Delete
7. File upload
8. File download
Sample programs


Cookies in PHP
1. What is a Cookie?
2. How to see the cooking details in the browser
3. How to delete the cooking in PHP
Sample program


Sessions in PHP
1. What is a session? Hoe session works. 2. How to view the session ID. 3. How to create a session variable
4. How to regenerate the session ID
5. How to destroy a session
Sample programs

PHP Mail
1. Mail handling with PHP mail
2. SMTP mail
Sample programs


Section 2: MySQL Tutorial

Introduction to MySQL
1. MySQL introduction
2. Data definition language
3. Data manipulation language
4. Drop commands

MySQL Datatypes and Constraints
1. MySQL Datatypes – Integer
2. MySQL Datatypes – Float
3. MySQL Datatypes – Date
4. MySQL Datatypes – String
5. MySQL Constraints – Not Null, Unique, Primary key
6. MySQL Constraints – Foreign Key, Default

Sample programs

MySQL Select, OrderBy, Limit
1. Select statement
2. Order By
3. Like Operator

Sample programs

MySQL Functions – Number, Date, Character, Control flow
1. Numeric functions
2. Date functions
3. String functions
4. Control flow functions
Sample programs

MySQL – Joins, GroupBy, Having, Subquery, Indexing
1. Inner Join
2. Outer Join – Left, Right
3. Self Join
4. Aggregate functions, Group By, Having
5. Subqueries
6. Any, All operators
7. Indexing
Sample programs

PHP with MySQL
1. How to make database connection from PHP with MySQL
2. Creating a database configuration file
3. How to insert data into the database in PHP
4. How to update data in the database in PHP
5. How to delete data from the database in PHP
6. How to retrieve the data from the database in PHP
7. OrderBy
Sample programs

PhpMyAdmin, Blog Project Demo
1. How to create a new database using PhpMyAdmin
2. How to create a new table and insert records using
3. How to export a database
4. Importing the database of a sample blog project
5. Blog project demo
Sample programs


Section 3: Advanced PHP and OOPS

Advanced PHP and OOPS
1. Introduction to Object Oriented Programming
2. Class – Property – Method – Object
3. How to create a Class and Object in PHP
4. How to create setters in PHP
5. How to use this keyword
6. How to use constructors in PHP
7. What are Access Modifiers
8. Explaining inheritance in PHP
9. What is static keyword
10. Using the static keyword


Section 4: Website designing with Javascript and CSS

Javascript – Introduction, Functions, Events, Validation
1. Starting with Javascript
2. Where to place the Javascript code
3. How to create an Alert Box using Javascript
4. Functions and Events in Javascript
5. How to validate a form using Javascript

1. Getting started with CSS
2. How to format the Text using CSS
3. How to change the font type, colour and size
4. Selectors – Classes and IDs
5. Using Width and Margin properties
6. Using Border properties
7. How to create two columns using Float

Bootstrap CSS framework
1. Introduction to Bootstrap CSS Framework
2. How to create Responsive Web Design using Bootstrap


Section 5: jQuery and Ajax

1. What is Ajax?
2. Ajax Demonstrations
3. How to display data from the database using Ajax
4. How to check the availability of username using Ajax
5. How to create a user signup from using Ajax

1. Introduction to jQuery
2. Why use jQuery
3. Benefits on jQuery
4. Writing your first program in jQuery
5. How to validate a form using jQuery
6. How to user jQuery to select date from a calendar


Section 6: Frameworks

PHP Frameworks
1. CodeIgnitor
2. Yii2
3. Laravel
4. WordPress


Section 7: Projects

1. Blog
2. Shopping cart
3. WordPress new portal

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