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CISA Certification In Kochi

The CISA or Certified Information Systems Auditor certification is issued by the Information Audit and Control Association (ISACA) to those who are in charge of auditing, monitoring, managing, and protecting enterprise IT solutions. The CISA certification is recognized all across the world and taken as an industry standard to appraise the knowledge, skills, and expertise of IT auditors in how they assess vulnerabilities in business information systems and set up control measures to offset that. ISACA presents the certification after a candidate successfully completes its comprehensive evaluation and application process.

Blue Shell Security is one of the leading providers of CISA training in Kochi. We have helped and guided numerous audit managers, security professionals, consultants, and IT auditors to steer their career toward more rewarding opportunities. Pursuing the CISA course in Kochi will help you to acquire the needed expertise and exposure in the acquisition, testing, development, and implementation of business IT solutions. Our CISA training module will also give you a detailed look at the guidelines, standards, as well as the best practices to protect information systems and ensure compliance.

Course Modules

The CISA course in Kochi by Blue Shell Security ensures that you have a better understanding of the IT audit process and the measures required to protect information systems adequately. The CISA course is divided into five specific modules to cover the entire scope of IT auditing and reviewing. Each of the course modules has its own professional credits, which will be highlighted in the final CISA certificate.

I: Information System Auditing Process

This module is designed to help learners be acquainted with the highest standards of information systems and how to comply with them. You can also learn about the best practices in auditing through this course module. This ensures that you are familiar with adequate control and protection of business IT solutions.

II: Governance and Management of IT Systems

This CISA course module helps to give learners a better understanding of the information systems control practices as well as management approaches. You can learn about the best practices in IT governance and monitoring, and ways to adhere to the policies, liabilities, and structures of information systems management in an enterprise.

III: Information Systems, Acquisition, Development, and Implementation

This training module allows learners to understand how to review the various components of different IT systems in the organization. You can learn about the acquisition, development, and implementation of the right information systems for the enterprise. It will also help you to learn about disaster management processes and recovery methodologies.

IV: Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience

This CISA course module is meant to cover the methodologies and processes that businesses employ to reinvent their information systems. You can learn how to manage, operate, and adapt the IT solutions to meet the specific goals of the organization, and identify the infrastructure components required to improve the information systems.

V: Protection of Information Assets

This training module aims at empowering learners with all the industry standards so that they can ensure better integrity, access, and protection of IT solutions and assets. You can learn how to implement the required measures to manage physical and logical access controls, and boost the other security measures as well.

Eligibility & Benefits Of CISA Training in Kochi 

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The CISA certification course by Blue Shell Security will help you to improve your skills and knowledge about information systems auditing, control, management, and security. We also offer Ethical Hacking course in Kochi and other Cyber Security Courses to ensure that you are equipped with all the knowledge and skills required to advance your career in the industry. All our professional certificate courses give you a competitive edge over others to qualify for high-paying jobs.

To apply for the CISA certification, the ISACA requires you to pursue strict professional and academic courses. You will need to submit the application within 5 years of completing the CISA course and passing the examination. For professionals, the employer is required to verify the experience listed for the certification, which the employee must have acquired within 10 years before applying or 5 years after passing the CISA examination. Professionals also need full-time work experience of at least 4000 hours in information systems, security experience, and controls to apply for the certification.

Pursuing the CISA course in Kochi is can be beneficial in many ways. The certification is accepted globally and often requested by employers for IT system auditing and management jobs. The CISA certification validates that you are experienced in the field and have all the skills required for taking care of the job responsibly and efficiently. It also helps to quantify your expertise and demonstrate the tactical skills needed to complete the CISA course. Having a globally-recognized certificate will also increase your value to the organization as well as credibility in the industry.


The course is divided into 5 domains as following:

  1. Information System Auditing Process
  2. Governance and Management of IT
  3. Information Systems, Acquisition, Development and Implementation
  4. Information Systems Operations and Business Resilience
  5. Protection of Information Assets


Exam Details

Exam CodesCISA
Number of Questions150
Type of QuestionsMultiple choice
Duration of Exam240 minutes
Passing Score450/800


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