One of the top open-source runtime environments based on JavaScript in Node.js. Node.js runs on the V8 engine. Node.js is a great tool to get into backend web development and helps to expand your full-stack development practice. Blueshell provides Node js certification training in Ernakulam in a practically oriented way. Our node js tutorial program is designed in such a way that the students get much involvement in live projects as well. We also provide the best node js online training in Cochin.


NodeJS Syllabus

1. Introduction

a. What is Node.js?
b. Node.js Trend
c. Node.js Features
d. Node.js Installation
e. Node.js First Example
f. Blocking vs Non-blocking
g. Demo


2. Basics

a. Features of Node.js

b. Node.js Architecture
c. Client-Server Architecture
d. Multi-Threaded Model
e. Single-Threaded Model
f. Multi-Threaded vs Event-Driven



3. Node.js Modules

a. NPM
b. Global Objects
c. File System
d. Callbacks
e. Event
4. Hands-On


5. Node.js Modules Types

a. Core Modules
b. Local Modules
c. 3rd Party Modules


6. JSON File


7. Data Types


8. Variables


9. Operators


10. Functions


11. Objects


12. File Systems


13. Events


14. HTTP Module


15. Creating a Web Server using Node.js


16. Express.js


17. Node.js NPM Tutorial


a. What is NPM?

b. Main Functions of NPM
c. Need For NPM
d. NPM Packages
e. NPM Installation
18. Node.js Express Tutorial
a. Introduction to Express.js
b. Features of Express.js
c. Getting Started with Express.js
d. Routing Methods


19. RESTful API with Node.js


a. What is REST API?
b. Features of REST API
c. Principles of REST API
d. Methods of REST API
e. Building REST API with Node.js


20. Node.js MySQL Tutorial


a. What is MySQL?
b. Advantages of Using MySQL with Node.js
c. MySQL Installation


21. Node.js MongoDB Tutorial


a. What is NoSQL?
b. NoSQL Databases
c. Introduction to MongoDB
d. Features of MongoDB
e. MongoDB Installation


22. Node.js Docker Tutorial


a. What is Docker?
b. Docker Working
c. Docker Basics
d. Docker File
e. Docker Images
f. Docker Container
g. Why use Node.js with Docker?
h. Demo: Node.js with Docker


23. MEAN Stack Application Tutorial


a. What is MEAN Application?
i. MongoDB
ii. Express
iii. Angular
iv. Node.js


v. RESTful API


24. Project


a. ToDo app



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