Certified Ethical Hacking Course – CEH V11 updates

Certified Ethical Hacking Course – CEH V11 updates

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  • November 5, 2020
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ceh v11 certification update


Get to know everything you need to know about CEH v11 and the best institute to do Cyber Security or Ethical Hacking training in Kerala.


Who is a certified ethical hacker?


A certified ethical hacker is focused on gaining access to networks, attacking computer systems, databases and applications. A Certified  Ethical Hacker recognizes attack strategies, the use of productive attack vectors, and copy the skills and creativity of malicious hacker. Certified Ethical Hacker works with permission from the system owners and makes sure the outcomes remain confidential. As for Ethical Hacking course qualifications, Anyone who has completed their higher secondary examination can take this course. Many institutes offer cyber ethical hacking courses in Kerala. Beware to choose EC Council Authorized Training institute.


The latest version for Certified Ethical Hacking Course is v11. Let’s take a tour of the CEH Course Content.


The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is the most trusted ethical hacking certification and achievement recommended by employers today. The CEH v11 pursues to introduce the most advanced hacking tools and exploit used by hackers and information security professionals are present. CEH v11 certification provides the latest hacking techniques.


What is New in CEH V11?


CEH gives an understanding of ethical hacking phases, preventative countermeasures, and various attack vectors. It will teach you how to think like hackers and how to better set up your security infrastructure and defend against attacks. Considering and understanding the system vulnerabilities will help you to strengthen system security controls to minimize the risk. Cyber Ethical Hacking was built to provide you with the opportunity to work towards proving the required skills and knowledge needed to perform the job of an ethical hacker.

CEH V11 continues to develop with the latest operating systems, tactics, exploits, tools, and technologies.


The updates on CEH v11 Certification are:


1. Enhanced cloud security, IoT, and OT Modules

CEH v11 covers up the updated cloud and IoT modules include CSP’s container technology, cloud computing threats, and several IoT hacking tools.

  1. Cloud-based threats: The cloud industry struggles to limit data theft incidents due to the misconfigured cloud environment.CEH v11 shows how to avoid, identify, and responds to cloud-based attacks.
  2. Operational technology (OT) attacks: To learn the advanced skill of OT, CEH covers concepts of OT such as ICS, SCADA, and PLC, etc.
  3. IoT threats: CEH v11 we learn to deal with IoT based attacks, the latest IoT hacking tools, such as shikra, Bus pirate, Facedancer21, etc

2. Modern Malware Analysis

CEH v11 includes the latest malware analysis for IoT botnets, OT malware analysis, Android malware analysis, ransomware, banking and financial malware, and more

3. Incorporating Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS offers better performance than lower-powered machines and laptops.

4. Re-mapped to NIST/NICE framework

CEH v11 is mapped to important specialty areas under the NIST/NICE framework’s protect and defend job role including analysis (AN) and security provision(SP).

5. Covering the latest threats- File less malware

The security community finds an increase in file-less attacks. Due to this concern about malware attacks also increased. File less malware is a new form of malware attack, organisations find it very difficult to detect. With CEH v11 you can learn new various file-less malware techniques associated with defensive strategies.

6. New lab design and operating system

The CEH v11 includes the latest operating system including windows server 2019, windows server 2016, and Windows 10 configured with domain controllers, firewalls, and vulnerable web applications.

7. Increased lab time and hands-on focus

In CEH v11 more than 50 percent of the course consists of practical skills in live ranges.

8. Industry’s most comprehensive tools library

The CEH v11 includes a library of the latest tools required by pen testers and security practitioners.

CEH v11 covers the vulnerabilities ranging from a basic cross-site script to an advanced multi-level pivoting, by giving access to the entire server.

Vulnerabilities covered are XSS, SQLi, IDoR, and remote code execution.

Learners are required to possess skills and procedures to capture vulnerability. CEH v11 contains a dynamic scoring system tracking a learner’s push-up levels with competitors watching on the portal dashboard. CEH v11 comes with an interactive UI to which the learners connect. The connection can be done through a VPN to access applications.






CEH V11 Certification For?

  • Auditors
  • Security professionals
  • Site administrators
  • Anyone concerned with network infrastructure
  • Network and security Administrators
  • Firewall Administrators

CEH V11 Ethical Hacking Certification Outline

  1. Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  2. Footprinting and Reconnaissance
  3. Scanning networks
  4. Enumeration
  5. Vulnerability analysis
  6. System hacking
  7. Malware threats
  8. Sniffing
  9. Social engineering
  10. Denial-of-service
  11. Session Hijacking
  12. Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  13. Hacking web servers
  14. Hacking web applications
  15. SQL injections
  16. Hacking wireless network
  17. Hacking mobile platforms
  18. IoT and OT hacking
  19. Cloud computing
  20. Cryptography


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CEH Training -Exam Information

Exam Title: Certified Ethical Hacker (ANSI)

Exam Code: 312-50(ECC EXAM)

Number of questions: 125

Duration: 4 hours

Availability: ECC EXAM/VUE

Test format: Multiple choices


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